Big tech is selling off, with households more exposed than ever

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Tech and net stocks were nether unit connected Monday amid a marketplace sell-off successful precocious maturation stocks. The declines came amid a rising 10-year treasury output (^TNX). The Nasdaq (^IXIC) is down 6% implicit the past six trading sessions. 

Microsoft (MSFT) is down astir 10% implicit the past 5 trading sessions. 

Amazon is down for a 5th consecutive session. The banal declined much than 3% connected Monday, reaching intraday levels it hasn’t seen since May.

Alphabet (GOOGL, GOOG) is besides connected its 5th time of declines, trading astatine its lowest level since October. 

Netflix (NFLX) is down much than 11% implicit the past 5 sessions, and much than 20% down from its November peak. 

Apple (AAPL), which concisely topped a valuation of $3 trillion conscionable 1 week ago, is down much than 7% implicit the past 5 sessions.

Meta (FB), which had mislaid the slightest crushed retired of the FAANG stocks past week, was disconnected much than 3% connected Monday.

"We've ne'er seen equities priced rather this high," Tematica Research Chief Macro Strategist Lenore Hawkins told Yahoo Finance Live. 

"We've ne'er seen ownership astatine the household levels of equities anyplace adjacent this level," she said. "The level of household equilibrium sheets with equities is astir $43 trillion. That's astir doubly the US economy."

For years, "it was each astir momentum and growth, truthful households person been riding it each the mode up, which means they're truly susceptible close now," said Hawkins. 

"You got killed implicit the past 10 years if you didn't bargain the dip," said Hawkins. "It's each been astir maturation and those tech stocks."

"The system is changing dramatically due to the fact that of tech," said the strategist. 

"But those things that are happening successful tech are besides deflationary pressures due to the fact that what we're doing with exertion is having the quality to summation productivity dramatically."

Despite the caller volatility, immoderate strategists inactive judge mega caps are the spot to be.

"As economical conditions commencement to dilatory down, you bash request to spot equilibrium sheets precise very strong," Principal Global Investors Chief Strategist Seema Shah told Yahoo Finance Live. 

"Although this is rather a challenging time, we bash inactive person immoderate religion successful mega-cap tech names, particularly from a stableness position for your portfolio," she added. 

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