Market highlights November 23: Major cryptos down, Moderna shines on Wall Street

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The apical 10 cryptos were mostly successful the reddish implicit the past 24 hours, registering losses of betwixt 0-2%. Today, the US Justice Department volition beryllium selling $56 cardinal of cryptoassets seized successful transportation with the BitConnect fraud scheme. 

Moderna shares led the SPX500, gaining 7.17% aft the German authorities announced it would beforehand the biotech firm’s Covid vaccine for radical seeking booster shots. 

Top cryptos

Bitcoin was trading astatine $57,115 astatine clip of writing. Ethereum mislaid 8%. Many altcoins suffered comparatively ample losses yesterday, which spilled implicit into today’s trading session. Avalanche near the 10th spot connected the charts to Dogecoin again, which gained 2.32% successful the past 24 hours. 

At #13 CRO,’s token, continues its meteoric rise. It’s gained 15% successful the past 24 h.   

Top movers

Yestreday, Metaverse tokens MANA and Enjin were among the fewer to defy the downtrend with 8% and 10% gains respectively. Zcash surged 20% connected quality of a modulation to Proof of Stake.

Today, MANA gained different 11%. At #23, Elrond roseate by 11.61%. Elrond is simply a blockchain protocol that seeks to connection highly accelerated transaction speeds by utilizing sharding. 

At #41, The Sandbox token SAND is simply a wide victor with a summation of 40% today. It is rallying connected quality of a crippled merchandise and a concern with Adidas.

Enjin is up again today, this clip by 11.53%. Its eponymous genitor company’s premiere merchandise is the Enjin Network, a societal gaming level done which users tin make websites and clans, chat, and big virtual point stores. Enjin allows crippled developers to tokenize in-game items connected the Ethereum blockchain.  

Amp, a lucrative token that offers a flexible, yet straightforward interface for verifiable collateralization, is up 21% today, aft being listed connected Binance a fewer hours ago. 

The biggest loser of the time is Fountain astatine #69. Fountain is down 42% successful the past 24 hours. However, its gains implicit the past 7 days inactive basal astatine 295,409% contempt the loss.  


The biggest victor of the time is Solar vigor (SEG), a deflationary BEP20 token moving connected Binance Smart Chain. The extremity of this self-sustainable, decentralized ecosystem is to make photovoltaic powerfulness plants successful Brazil. Investors are rewarded successful BUSD and successful works nett dividends. SEG’s marketplace headdress is up 7,697% successful the past 24 h.

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